Lifecasting India is an independent vertical started by Matlock Island which deals primarily in home decor items like canvas art, denim art, coasters, mugs, t-shirts, snack mats, etc. Even though lifecasting falls broadly in the home decor segment, we think it deserves a dedicated platform due to the unique process of development. It is an art form that is gaining popularity all over the world as well as in India.

Lifecasting India is owned and run by Chandan Lahiri, who is the artist and the sculptor who makes your specific body parts come alive in 3D form. Whether it your individual hand, or a couple clasping each other’s hands, whether it is the 3D modelling of a new born baby’s hands and feet, or the hands and feet of elders in the family, or the casting of a pregnant belly to remember the times when your precious bundle of joy was growing up in your womb, or indeed the cast of your pet’s paw, everything is possible at Lifecasting India. If you can think of it, chances are it can be modelled in 3D form.

Chandan is a serial entrepreneur who started his career in advertising and communications. After about two decades in the industry he ventured into adventure sports and earned a couple of world records in endurance motorbiking. After a near fatal accident and subsequent total knee replacement, he focussed more on disaster management and wilderness survival. When the coronavirus hit the world, all travel and adventure stopped and he found himself twiddling his thumbs at home. That is when Matlock Island was born and soon thereafter Lifecasting India.

Chandan is a certified meditation master, an author, he is learning to play the harmonica, is fascinated by knots, and delves in the occult sciences. A rebel by nature, there is nothing that prevents him from trying out new things and creating a new trail through a path not many have tread before.

When you come to get your casting done, you might well find yourself listening to some Buddhist chants or to Kenny Rogers, or Willie Nelson, or John Denver, or Jim Reeves, or Harry Belafonte, or the many other incredible musicians of the last quarter of the last century. At Lifecasting India, Elvis has not left the building.

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