Here we answer some questions that you might have regarding lifecasting. In case your question is not answered on this page, do feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to answer your query.

Mostly at our studio. You come to the studio, we do the moulding and casting, prepare and finish it, and have it ready for delivery in a few days.

Yes we can, particularly for baby castings and castings of older people who may not be able to travel. We can come to the hospital too and cast your baby’s hands and feet to memorialise the day s/he was born. We can attend your wedding to cast your hands in stone the very day you tie the knot. Or maybe on the day you are filming your pre wedding video.

Yes! The process is fun to watch. Invite your friends and loved ones to come and watch the process. Maybe you would like to livestream it on social media.

Sure you can. In fact, we welcome it. This is a fun project that you be involved in and it sure will be great to preserve it for posterity and even to share it in your network.

From the time you walk in, it takes about half an hour to an hour. Faces, torsos, and other body parts take a lot longer because the process is a lot more complicated.

The mould is made from an alginate, a non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable compound made from seaweed. It is the same material used by dentists for making dental impressions. In most cases the final sculpture is made of gypsum based casting stone and is spray painted either in gold, copper, bronze, silver, black or white.

Actually the process is a very rewarding one. Many people compare the moulding process similar to a spa treatment.

It is extremely safe. In fact, the moulding material is made from seaweed and is used by dentists. We do take all the necessary precautions that are necessary, like wearing a face mask to prevent you from inhaling the moulding powder.

Yes, it is a lovely way to save a moment in time for posterity. Couples, lovers, siblings, friends, team mates, parents and babies, owners and pets, are all wonderful ways to immortalise the relationship.

Your casting will be ready in about a couple of hours of starting the process. However, post that we will require a couple of days to allow the cast to harden substantially, and then to finish it. Your cast should be ready for pick-up in about four to five days.

Yes, as long as they are docile and do not bite us during the process of moulding!

No, you may not. Even though the final product is yours, we put in a lot of time and effort to create it. If you want copies, we will be happy to oblige. Photographic copies for sharing on social or other media is perfectly acceptable.

Each lovecast has a different rate. You can take a look at the different kinds of castings and their corresponding rates here.

We will really appreciate that. Word of mouth publicity helps us get known and to generate further work. In addition to #lifecastingindia, we also request you to use the following hashtags – #lifecasting, #lovecasting and #matlockisland.

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